Arconic Highlights Board Strength, Management’s Record of Execution and Elliott Management’s Misunderstanding of Arconic’s Business

March 27, 2017

Investor Presentation Released Today Provides Details on Board Oversight, Management Track Record and the Strategic Plan

Customers Endorse Strategic Direction and Leadership

Elliott’s Claims Are Not Substantiated by the Facts and Its Suggestions Would Damage the Company

Company Urges Shareholders to Vote “FOR” Arconic’s Highly Qualified Director Nominees and Governance Proposals on the WHITE Proxy Card

Arconic (NYSE:ARNC) announced today it has released to investors a
presentation in connection with its Annual Meeting of Shareholders, to
be held on May 16, 2017. The presentation summarizes the strong,
execution-focused track record of the Company’s management team and
explains why Elliott’s analysis of Arconic is misleading and its
conclusions are incorrect. Arconic has the right Board, right leadership
and right strategy in place to continue delivering value to shareholders.

The presentation and other materials are available at

Highlights of the Arconic presentation include:

I. Arconic is a new company, with a new Board that has a
majority of independent directors who have joined in the last 15 months

  • The Board has recently been substantially reconstituted and is one of
    the shortest tenured Boards in the S&P 500, with seven of the 12
    independent directors having joined the Board since the beginning of
    last year.
  • The Board has already appointed directors recommended by Elliott, as
    three of the seven new directors were added at Elliott’s suggestion in
    February 2016; they have been fully integrated, chair critical Board
    Committees and have been intensely involved in meeting with
    shareholders and evaluating Elliott’s criticisms.
  • The Board’s six longer-serving directors have been change agents and
    were integrally involved in the strategic transformation of Alcoa Inc.
    that culminated in the very successful separation last year that
    created Arconic.

II. Arconic’s management has a track record of successfully
executing on a transformative vision and consistently improving business
performance amid a complex market environment

  • The Company’s leadership team successfully executed a complex,
    multi-year transformation of Alcoa Inc. to strengthen the business and
    launch two companies with world-class assets by:

    • Restructuring the upstream portfolio to increase cost
      competitiveness and lessen the impact of commodity cycles;
    • Repositioning the downstream business in high-growth and
      high-margin aerospace and automotive markets while divesting
      low-margin or undifferentiated businesses; and
    • Successfully executing a highly complex separation on time and on
      budget to create two strong independent public companies – Arconic
      and Alcoa Corporation.
  • Management built Arconic’s world-class portfolio over eight years and
    have critical knowledge of the business and customers.
  • Arconic’s leadership has a track record of execution that has
    positioned Arconic for future outperformance, having grown EBITDA
    margins and made strategically important investments in technology.
  • Alcoa Inc. Total Shareholder Return (TSR) has outperformed the
    relevant industry benchmarks since 2009 and in recent periodsi;
    Arconic stand-alone shareholder returns have significantly
    outperformed its benchmark indices since separationii.

III. Arconic’s Strategic Plan Creates Value for Shareholders

  • Future focus is on markets where the Company’s expertise in innovation
    and strong customer relationships will drive above-market growth rates.
  • Culture of productivity enhancements and cost reduction will help
    drive further margin expansion.
  • Disciplined capital allocation and balance sheet management will
    ensure prudent use of shareholders’ capital.
  • Executive compensation incentives are aligned to foster performance
    that will enhance shareholder value.
  • Arconic’s plan is designed to deliver 7-8 percent compound annual
    growth in revenueiii, an approximate increase of 250 basis
    points (bps) in combined segment adjusted EBITDA margin and an
    increase in 400-500 bps in return on net assets (RONA) improvement in

IV. The Board has concluded that Arconic has the right
leadership and the right strategy to drive substantial value for

  • The Board has thoughtfully studied the Company’s strategic direction
    and input from Elliott, other shareholders, customers and employees.
  • The Board is unanimous in supporting Arconic’s strategy and leadership
    and will hold management accountable for performance.
  • Arconic has received endorsements from valued industry partners,
    including Airbus, GE Aviation, United Steelworkers and UNITE the Union.

V. Elliott Management’s claims are not substantiated by the
facts, its suggestions would damage the Company, and the election of
Elliott’s nominees would remove critical skills from the Board

  • Elliott has not been accurate or transparent with shareholders, having
    changed its views, published flawed analyses and hidden key facts.
  • Elliott has not presented an operational plan. Its focus on margin
    parity with perceived peers suggests a near-term plan of cutting R&D
    and price gouging customers.
  • The election of Elliott’s nominees would remove critical skill sets
    from the Board that are directly relevant to the continued creation of
    shareholder value. The skills and experience of Elliott’s nominees are
    already very well-represented on the Board.

VI. Arconic’s director nominees have skills and expertise
critical to Arconic’s strategy for future growth

  • Amy E. Alving is a technology leader whose career spans
    business, government and academia. She is the former CTO of Science
    Applications International Corporation (SAIC), one of the largest U.S.
    defense contractors and former Director, Special Projects Office at
    DARPA, a highly respected agency of the U.S. Department of Defense
    responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by
    the military. She brings extensive technology, defense and innovation
    experience to the Board and her valuable insights will help Arconic
    continue to innovate and grow.
  • David P. Hess brings extensive knowledge in aerospace and
    defense markets, which are critically important to Arconic’s future.
    As the former EVP and Chief Customer Officer for Aerospace at United
    Technologies Corporation and former President of Pratt & Whitney, Mr.
    Hess’ industry knowledge, leadership and succession of key executive
    roles provide strategic and operational perspectives to the Board to
    help further drive Arconic’s strategic goals to grow and unlock the
    value of the Company’s aerospace business.
  • Klaus Kleinfeld brings to the Board his knowledge of all
    aspects of Arconic’s global businesses. As the only management
    representative on the Company’s Board, Mr. Kleinfeld provides an
    important perspective in Board discussions about the business and
    strategic direction of Arconic. In addition to leading Alcoa Inc.’s
    turnaround through the economic recession and collapse of the aluminum
    market and executing a successful transformation to launch Arconic and
    Alcoa Corporation, he had a 20-year career at Siemens AG and as CEO
    presided over a dramatic transformation to reshape its portfolio
    around three high-growth areas.
  • Ulrich Schmidt has extensive executive and business experience
    at the board and CFO level in both public and privately held
    companies. As the former EVP and CFO of Spirit Aerosystems Holdings,
    Inc., EVP and CFO of Goodrich Corporation, and Director of aerospace
    supplier Precision Castparts Corporation, his background in the
    aerospace industry, financial management and strategic planning
    provides Arconic with relevant and actionable insight for the
    Company’s aerospace business strategy.
  • Ratan N. Tata brings significant international business
    expertise in a wide variety of industries. He currently serves as the
    Chairman of Tata Trusts and is a former Chairman of the major Tata
    Group companies, including Tata Motors and Tata Steel. His previous
    leadership experience spanning the automotive, consulting and steel
    industries, among others, brings valuable management and industry
    experience as well as a global perspective.



The Company urges shareholders to protect the value of their investment
in Arconic by using the
card to vote “
” all five of
Arconic’s qualified and experienced director nominees – Amy E. Alving,
David P. Hess, Klaus Kleinfeld, Ulrich Schmidt and Ratan N. Tata – TODAY
by telephone, by Internet, or by signing and dating the

proxy card.

The Company also urges shareholders to vote in favor of its corporate
governance proposals to declassify the Board structure and eliminate the
supermajority vote requirements in the articles of incorporation.

The Company’s shareholders of record as of the close of business on
March 1, 2017 will be entitled to vote at the meeting.


Your Vote Is Important, No Matter How
Many or How Few Shares You Own

Please vote today by telephone, via the Internet or by signing,
dating and returning the

WHITE proxy card. Simply follow the easy instructions on the WHITE
proxy card.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:
Shareholders Call Toll-Free: (877) 750-5836
Banks and Brokers Call Collect: (212) 750-5833


Please simply discard any Blue proxy card
that you may receive from Elliott Management.

Returning a Blue proxy card – even if you “withhold” on Elliott
Management’s nominees – will

revoke any vote you had previously submitted on Arconic’s WHITE
proxy card.

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i   Calculated based on closing prices. Package value to Alcoa Inc.
shareholders includes Alcoa Inc. TSR through Oct 31, 2016. From Nov
1, 2016 through Mar 1, 2017, package value to the Alcoa Inc.
shareholder is calculated based on the performance of 1 share of
Arconic and 1/3 share of Alcoa Corp. On Nov 1, 2016, as a result of
the separation, every shareholder of Alcoa Inc. received 1 share of
Arconic and 1/3 share of Alcoa Corp. for every 1 share of Alcoa
Inc.; the package value calculates the total value to the former
Alcoa Inc. shareholder over the specified time period
ii TSR calculated based on closing price from November 1st, 2016 and
March 1st, 2017
iii Compound annual growth rate from year-end 2017 to year end 2019

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