Howmet Investor Relations – Website FAQ

  1. If you are a shareholder and have questions on account balances, dividend checks, reinvestment, direct deposit, address changes, lost or misplaced stock certificates, or other shareholder account matters, you may contact Howmet’s stock transfer agent, registrar and dividend disbursing agent, Computershare:

    By telephone:
       1.888.985.2058 (in the United States and Canada)
       1.201.680.6578 (all other callers)
       1.800.231.5469 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf: TDD)

    On the web:

    By regular mail:
       Computershare Investor Services
       P.O. Box 43006
       Providence, RI 02940-3006
    By overnight correspondence:
       Computershare Investor Services
        150 Royall Street
        Suite 101
        Canton, MA 02021

  2. How did the separation impact Arconic Inc. common stock?

    • As of the separation on April 1, 2020, Arconic Inc. was renamed Howmet Aerospace Inc., and any shares of Arconic Inc. were automatically renamed as Howmet Aerospace Inc. shares.
    • Following the separation, a shareholder who held Arconic Inc. shares as of the close of business on March 19, 2020 which was the record date for the separation distribution, (i) retained his/her shares (now called Howmet Aerospace shares), and (ii) in addition, automatically received shares of the new company, Arconic Corporation. Arconic Inc. shareholders received one share of Arconic Corporation common stock for every four shares of Arconic Inc. common stock held as of the record date for the separation distribution.
      Shareholders received cash in lieu of any fractional shares.

      For additional information about the separation distribution, please see our separation-related filings, which can be found on the SEC’s website at and Howmet Aerospace website.

  3. How did the separation impact Arconic Inc. cumulative preferred stock?

    • The $3.75 Cumulative Preferred Stock of Arconic Inc. has been retained as preferred stock of Howmet Aerospace Inc.