Self-Locking Nuts

From vibration resistance to extreme temperature resistance, high-strength locking nuts from our Simmonds® and SNEP® product lines can provide a solution. Our team of highly skilled engineers also can design, prototype and manufacture a nut to meet your custom requirements.

Nylstop® Self-Locking Nut

  • The Nylstop® nut is designed to stop nut and bolt disengagement during use. 
  • The internal nylon ring deforms around the threads as the nut is twisted onto the bolt, ensuring a tight, vibration-resistant grip on the bolt.

Nylstop® Nut brochure

DHE Series Nut

  • A 12-point nut for extremely high torque control.
  • Ideal for difficult reach applications.

DHE Series brochure

MHT Series Nut

  • Low scatter locking torque, high-fatigue self-locking nut.
  • A conical shaped nut, where the diameter of the upper part of the nut is slightly reduced.
  • Six vertical slots will open gradually while the nut is screwed onto the bolt.
  • The elasticity provided by the particular shape of the nut will ensure the required locking torque.

MHT Series brochure

PH Series Nut

  • Small, thinwall, lightweight, self-locking and extremely strong.
  • An aerospace-quality nut that is useful when space and weight are at a premium.

PH Series brochure

Slotted Nut

  • The original single-slotted self-locking nut developed in 1954 and still available today alongside a wider range of self-locking nuts including the double-slotted nut.
  • Despite major advances in technology, the single-slotted self-locking nut still outperforms its rivals in performance.
  • SNEP slotted nuts combine both extreme strength with re-usability so you can rely on it time and time again.

Single Slotted Nut brochure
Double Slotted Turret Nut brochure

Custom Parts and Special Capabilities

In addition to a variety of self-locking nuts, Arconic Fastening Systems facilities in Saint Cosme, France (Simmonds® product lines) and Montbrison, France (SNEP product lines) have the engineering know-how and manufacturing capabilities of designing and producing customized parts for a wide range of applications. Whether it's a unique, close-tolerance fitting made on a CNC or a high-strength, cold-forged, sleeve Arconic Fastening Systems has a solution.

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