Howmet Fastening Systems Approved Supplier List (ASL)

Hello and welcome to Howmet Fastening Systems Approved Supplier List (ASL). This list will be updated monthly with newly added and deleted suppliers. The attached PDF file is broken down into 11 groups of suppliers. Some suppliers may be in more than one specific group in the ASL. For example a casting house (group 7) may also be approved for Heat Treating, NDT, and Machining. Only sources listed are to be used to process and procure products for Howmet Fastening Systems, any supplier used not listed in the ASL will be cause for rejection.

Note: it is preferred that the ASL is not printed as it changes each month, printing the ASL and not destroying it each month may lead to the use of an unapproved source, hence, leading to the product or process to be rejected by HFS.