HowderMet is the recently reinvigorated powder metal business for Howmet-HIP. HowderMet draws on the extended resources of the Howmet Aerospace team to provide a broader suite of services including powder metal blending, can design, assembly, and filling, and outgas of powder bed for customers who use powder metal for their production of innovative and/or complex parts. It also leverages the technical expertise of the Howmet-HIP team to manage the HIP cycle, one of the most mission-critical stages of powder metal production.

HowderMet is capable of processing both Simple Shape (SS) and Near Net Shape (NNS) can designs as well as HIP cladding of dissimilar materials and diffusion bonding of similar materials. With our specialized HIP vessel, we can produce SS and NNS billets having maximum finished dimensions of 15.3 in. diagonal/15.5 in. diameter X 117.9 in. tall.

HowderMet is also capable of drawing on the expertise of machining vendors and Vacuum Heat Treat service providers to provide a one-stop solution for its customers.