Alcoa Russia’s Samara Plant Launches New Coating Line for Aluminum Sheet

June 24, 2009

SAMARA, Russia–Alcoa Russia’s Samara Plant today commissioned a new
state-of-the-art coating line for production of high-quality coated
sheet used in the packaging market for aluminum soft drink and beer cans
as well as serving the building and construction markets. The new
coating line is the only one of its kind in Russia and raises Alcoa to
the worldwide leadership position in all aspects of can material
production capability.

The Samara Plant is the only can stock producer in Russia, and will
serve can manufacturers in Russia as well as customers across Europe.
The creation of the new production line is an example of world-class
manufacturing being installed under Russian leadership and significantly
raises the capabilities of the manufacturing operation.

“This is a major milestone in the long history of our Samara plant…a
milestone that will ultimately generate hundreds of millions of dollars
for the country over its life and create enormous value for Alcoa, our
customers, employees and the region as a whole,” said Helmut Wieser,
Executive Vice President of Alcoa and Group President for Flat Rolled

“Until now, our Samara plant has manufactured only aluminum can stock
for can bodies,” said Wieser. “With the commissioning of this new
state-of-the-art equipment, the Samara plant will be able to fully meet
the demand of the Russian market in all three types of can stock
required for production of aluminum cans: can body stock, end and tab
stock. This allows customers the opportunity and efficiencies of
obtaining their needs locally as well as all in one place,” said Wieser.

“In addition to benefiting our overall business, our customers in Russia
will benefit from local supply and likely will invest more here in
Russia. Our investment is a win-win-win for the country, the Samara
region, and our customers. This new production line adds to the more
than 6,000 people we already employ here, and will ultimately result in
many more indirect jobs,” he added. “In addition, the plant will also
now have the capability to produce painted sheet used in architectural
structures, expanding this plant’s capabilities even further.”

Production capacity of the line is approximately 60,000 tons per year.
The first products were shipped to customers beginning this month.

The commissioning of the line, which was attended by Samara Region
Governor Vladimir Artyakov and the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Ross
Byerle, completes an approximately $750 million investment program by
Alcoa into its Russian operations, raising their capabilities to
world-class status.

The equipment was developed and supplied by BWG Company and is the
latest available technology of its kind. BWG is a worldwide leading
producer of coating machinery for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Production Capabilities

The line allows processing of aluminum coils in different alloys with
the thickness of 0.15 through 0.8 mm. The width of the sheet is from
1050 through 2050 mm. The processing rate is up to 250 m per minute. The
line is fully computerized and is fitted out with all necessary
equipment providing safe operational conditions both for operators and
for the environment. So, a combined extract-and-input ventilation system
located in a coating cabin completely changes air medium 60 times per

Andrey Donets, President Alcoa Russia said, “By launching a new coating
line, we think, first of all, about our future, the future of Alcoa in
Russia, and the future of our customers and consumers of aluminum
products. It is consistent with Alcoa’s global development strategy that
is grounded in our confidence in a positive outlook to improve sales of
aluminum, which is the most sustainable, light and multifunctional
material now used almost in all industries.

“Our ‘winged’ metal lends wings not only to aircraft for which Samara
Metallurgical Plant produces many parts. Today, by launching our
state-of-the-art coating line, we definitely lighten life to Russian can
producers who will now get high-quality can stock produced in Russia
which do not concede but even succeed their foreign counterparts,” said

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