Alcoa’s Kawneer Business Launches Make an Impact Environmental Program to Reduce Carbon Footprint; Invites Customers and Community to Participate

December 2, 2009

NORCROSS, Ga.–Alcoa’s Kawneer business has joined together with the Pew Center on
Global Climate Change to launch Make an Impact, an interactive
environmental program designed to help individuals manage their carbon
footprint and reduce energy costs. Kawneer is the first Alcoa (NYSE:AA)
business to launch Make an Impact in North America.

The Make an Impact program was initially developed for Alcoa
employees and their families. Kawneer, building on its commitment to
provide sustainable solutions, is inviting community members and
customers, including architects, glaziers and building and construction
industry stakeholders throughout North America, to join them in taking
part in the program. Kawneer is the leading manufacturer of
architectural aluminum building products and systems for commercial

Make an Impact includes an:

  • Interactive website –
    – with tips, tools and resources on how to reduce energy bills and
    live more sustainably;
  • Custom-built carbon calculator featuring individual “footprint”
    analysis and personalized action planning; and a
  • Comprehensive outreach program of localized interactive workshops.

Pew Center President Eileen Claussen said: “We often think solutions to
climate change and energy costs can come only from business and
government, but everyone needs to play his or her part. Through our
partnership with the Alcoa Foundation, and working with Alcoa’s
businesses, we are making that possible.”

Kawneer’s Sustainable Offerings

Kawneer offers versatile, sustainable solutions that can help reduce
energy consumption and provide renewable energy for building and
construction projects across North America. Its line of thermal, sun
control and photovoltaic products work to conserve energy and enhance
building performance, while increasing thermal efficiency, reducing
solar heat gain and creating on-site renewable energy by capturing and
converting sunlight into electricity. Kawneer is committed to managing
its carbon footprint through energy efficiency, investment in
renewables, productivity improvements, recycling and technological
innovation. By introducing programs like Make an Impact to its
employees, their families, the community and its customers, Kawneer is
demonstrating its dedication to global climate change. And, with the
commitment of Kawneer and Alcoa employees around the world, Alcoa has
reduced its global greenhouse gas emissions by 36 percent since 1990.

“Climate change is the most critical sustainability issue of our time
and to make a difference we all need to take action – individually and
together,” said Glen Morrison, President of Kawneer North America.
“Kawneer is committed to the environment and works toward making our
message, ‘Every Day You Make a Choice. Make a Choice That Counts’ a
reality. By bringing the Make an Impact program to our employees,
the community, customers and architects, we are providing the tools to
help them manage their environmental impact.”

The Make an Impact program builds on the success of the program
developed in Australia in 2006 through an Alcoa Foundation partnership
with Greening Australia. Beginning with Kawneer North America’s
headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, Make an Impact will be
introduced to Kawneer’s North American locations over the next year.

To find out more about Make an Impact, visit
For more information on Kawneer’s sustainable solutions go to

About Kawneer

With more than 100 years of innovation and experience, Kawneer North
America is headquartered in Norcross, GA, and is the leading
manufacturer of architectural aluminum products and systems for the
commercial construction industry. Kawneer is part of Alcoa’s global
Building and Construction Systems (BCS) business unit. Alcoa BCS
manufactures and markets architectural systems and products in North
America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Alcoa is the world’s leading
producer and manager of primary aluminum, and alumina facilities, and is
active in all major aspects of the industry. For more information on
Kawneer or its products, please visit

About Pew Center on Global Climate Change

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change was established in 1998 as a
non-profit, non-partisan, and independent organization dedicated to
providing credible information, straight answers, and innovative
solutions in the effort to address global climate change. The Center
engages decision-makers at the federal, state, regional, and
international levels to achieve its goals for mandatory federal climate
change policy and a post-2012 international climate agreement.

The Center’s Business
Environmental Leadership Council (BELC)
, a group of 46 mainly
Fortune 500 companies with over $2 trillion in combined revenue and
employing more than 4 million people, is the largest U.S.-based
association of corporations committed to advancing mandatory policy and
business solutions to address climate change. The Pew Center is also a
founding member of the influential U.S. Climate Action Partnership.

About Alcoa Foundation

Alcoa Foundation is a separately constituted nonprofit U.S. corporate
foundation with assets of approximately $500 million. Its mission is to
actively invest in the quality of life in Alcoa communities worldwide.
Throughout its history, the Foundation has been a source of positive
community change and enhancement, with nearly $466 million invested
since 1952.