Alcoa Names Randall Scheps to Lead Company’s Consumer Electronics Market Development Team

April 19, 2010

NEW YORK–Alcoa announced today that Randall Scheps, 42, is appointed to the newly
created position of Director, Consumer Electronics Market Development.
In this assignment, he is responsible for building Alcoa business
globally in the fast-growing consumer electronics market. The
appointment signifies Alcoa’s strong commitment to this growing market.
Scheps joined Alcoa in 2006 in a marketing leadership role in ground
transportation. He has degrees in engineering and business from the
University of Texas and the University of Michigan.

Aluminum use in consumer electronics is projected to more than double in
the next five years and Alcoa is positioning to capitalize on this
growth. Alcoa’s research confirms that consumers are drawn to the
durable and beautiful finishes that aluminum offers.

“Our research confirms that consumers view aluminum as more durable and
more of a premium perception product than plastic. It really resonates
when we explain that aluminum is also infinitely recyclable and has a
much lower overall environmental impact than plastic. Consumers want to
see more aluminum and less plastic,” Scheps said.

Manufacturers know that using aluminum creates premium positioning for
their product and brand.

“Our strategy is to partner with OEM customers and their global supply
chains to bring new and exciting aluminum solutions to the market. We
might develop a new surface finish in our technical center in
Pittsburgh, but produce it in our plant in Qinhuangdao, China, and then
help our customer launch it in its plant in Shenzhen with our technical
team in China,” said Kevin Kramer, President, Alcoa Growth Initiatives.

Alcoa’s offerings to the consumer electronics market include aluminum
sheet available in a number of finishes, textures and colors; recycled
content materials that are lower in CO2; and the world’
smallest threaded insert – allowing electronics to keep getting thinner
and lighter.

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