Alcoa’s Huck 360TM Fastener Successfully Completes 20,000-Mile Test

October 25, 2010

WASHINGTON–Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that its Huck 360TM fastener
successfully completed a rigorous 20,000-mile durability test.

The fastener, which attaches the front and rear spring suspension
brackets on a vehicle’s frame, was tested by AM General LLC using
standard military durability testing procedures, which are far more
rigorous than testing for commercial vehicles.

AM General drove their vehicle on a test track for 600 miles per week
until the vehicle reached 20,000 miles without any loosening of the
fasteners or signs of wear.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for our latest fastener, the Huck
360,” said David Dobson, president, Alcoa Defense. “We are thrilled that
AM General has selected it for testing. It is an extremely demanding
application that is perfect for showcasing the long-term durability of
the Huck 360.”

Requiring only a standard wrench or socket for installation and removal,
the Huck 360 provides a convenient fastening solution for vehicle
applications. Ensuring excellent long-term vibration resistance and
durability, the Huck 360 offers a higher clamp load and five times the
fatigue strength of conventional lock nuts and bolting systems.
Additionally, the Huck 360 eliminates the need for special tooling and
patches, adhesives or lock washers to prevent loosening.

“After considering several Alcoa proprietary fastening technologies, the
Huck 360 was selected for testing because it can be easily removed and
replaced in the field,” said Alcoa Fastening Systems Sales Program
Manager Brian Mondello.

Following successful completion of the 20,000-mile test, the fasteners
are currently undergoing additional testing to determine how long the
Huck 360 fastener can be used before it reaches the end of its service

AUSA Annual Meeting attendees can learn more about the Huck 360 by
visiting Alcoa Defense at booth 4131.

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About AM General:

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