Alcoa Among Thought Leaders Featured in a “Lessons Learned” Publication on Environmental Leadership

February 14, 2011

NEW YORK–Alcoa’s was among a select group of thought leaders featured in the
inaugural edition of Insider Knowledge Report, a compilation of
lessons learned from corporate environmental, sustainability and energy
decision-makers. The report was published by Environmental Leader,
the on-line source for energy and environmental business news.

Alcoa’s approach to sustainability was featured in the
Strategy/Leadership section. Alcoa’s Chief Sustainability Officer Kevin
Anton describes the importance of Alcoa’s long-term environmental goals
set for CO2, energy, fresh water use, and waste elimination as well as a
number of industry-specific issues. Each Alcoa business has designed a
three-year plan to chart progress toward reaching their goals. Progress
is evaluated quarterly by the company’s executive leadership team. In
addition, incremental reductions of CO2 and energy intensity are
included in the company’s annual compensation program.

“It is important to share knowledge about environmental sustainability,
an issue of critical importance worldwide. It is also wise to learn from
others’ experiences, so everyone benefits. Inclusion in the first
Insider Knowledge Report is a great forum for sharing these learnings,”
said Alcoa Chief Sustainability Officer Kevin Anton.

Sustainability leaders from more than 600 companies submitted articles
to the publication detailing lessons they’ve learned over the past 12
months. Only 150 contributors were selected for the Insider Knowledge

“It was a difficult task to cull the numbers, but we’ve included the 150
most enlightening responses. We think these thought leaders provide real
lessons, advice and examples from which other companies and executives
can learn,” said Paul Nastu, Publisher Environmental Leader, in a
preface to the report.

Besides Alcoa, other companies included in the report include Ford
Motor, Nike, Starbucks, and Xerox.

A free copy of the report can be downloaded at

Alcoa approaches its commitment to corporate sustainability through
three lenses – products, resources and operations. The company is
committed to growing its businesses in a sustainable way by focusing on
product development and innovation that capitalizes on the inherent and
coveted qualities of aluminum including its infinite recyclability.
Alcoa has been a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for nine
consecutive years and approximately 75 percent of all of the aluminum
ever produced since 1888 is still in active use today.

About Alcoa

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) is the world’s leading producer of primary and
fabricated aluminum, as well as the world’s largest miner of bauxite and
refiner of alumina. In addition to inventing the modern-day aluminum
industry, Alcoa innovation has been behind major milestones in the
aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial
transportation, consumer electronics and industrial markets over the
past 120 years. Among the solutions Alcoa markets are flat-rolled
products, hard alloy extrusions, and forgings, as well as Alcoa® wheels,
fastening systems, precision and investment castings, and building
systems in addition to its expertise in other light metals such as
titanium and nickel-based super alloys. Sustainability is an integral
part of Alcoa’s operating practices and the product design and
engineering it provides to customers. Alcoa employs approximately 59,000
people in 31 countries across the world. More information can be found