Alcoa Wheels Achieves Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Silver for Environmentally Safe Materials, Manufacturing Processes

May 24, 2012

Alcoa Wheels Become First Products in the Transportation Industry to
Obtain Certification

NEW YORK–Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that its global line of wheel products
is now Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM at the Silver level.
Alcoa wheels are the first products in the transportation industry to
receive certification from the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Program,
recognizing Alcoa’s environmentally sound production processes and the
infinitely recyclable nature of aluminum.

The evaluation of Alcoa wheels was conducted by MBDC (McDonough
Braungart Design Chemistry), a global sustainability consulting and
product certification firm that developed the Cradle to Cradle®
concept in 1995. This multi-attribute eco-label assesses products for
safety to human and environmental health, design for future use cycles,
and sustainable manufacturing processes. Products are evaluated for
material health, material reutilization, renewable energy use, water
stewardship and social responsibility.

“Sustainability is at the heart of Alcoa, our business practices and our
products, and something in which we strive for excellence,” said Tim
Myers, President, Alcoa Wheel & Transportation Products. “With an
increased interest in sustainable solutions within the transportation
industry, this certification is a landmark recognition of our efforts to
ensure that each of our customers receives the safest and most
environmentally-conscious products we can provide.”

“An industry leader in sustainability, Alcoa has achieved Cradle to
Cradle CertifiedCM Silver for a number of other products,
including Alcoa primary aluminum and several products from its Kawneer
architectural aluminum products and systems business,” said Jay Bolus,
Vice President of Technical Operations, MBDC. “This latest certification
demonstrates that Alcoa wheel products are pioneering the way for more
sustainable solutions within the transportation industry.”

With an ever-growing focus on sustainable solutions, the Cradle to
Cradle CertifiedCM Product Program has become an important
resource for companies like Alcoa to communicate their sustainability
efforts. To date, MBDC has certified more than 425 products in various
industries, and 125 companies worldwide have engaged in the Cradle to
Cradle CertifiedCM program.

Alcoa is the first aluminum company to have its products Cradle to Cradle
CertifiedCM by MBDC.

About Alcoa

Alcoa is the world’s leading producer of primary and fabricated
aluminum, as well as the world’s largest miner of bauxite and refiner of
alumina. In addition to inventing the modern-day aluminum industry,
Alcoa innovation has been behind major milestones in the aerospace,
automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial
transportation, consumer electronics and industrial markets over the
past 120 years. Among the solutions Alcoa markets are flat-rolled
products, hard alloy extrusions, and forgings, as well as Alcoa® wheels,
fastening systems, precision and investment castings, and building
systems in addition to its expertise in other light metals such as
titanium and nickel-based super alloys. Sustainability is an integral
part of Alcoa’s operating practices and the product design and
engineering it provides to customers. Alcoa has been a member of the Dow
Jones Sustainability Index for 10 consecutive years, and approximately
75 percent of all of the aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in
active use today. Alcoa employs approximately 61,000 people in 31
countries across the world. More information can be found at

About Alcoa Wheel & Transportation Products

Alcoa Wheel & Transportation Products, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio,
serves the commercial vehicle, automotive, and defense markets with
products used in a range of applications including forged aluminum
wheels, premium products such as Dura-Bright®, Dura-Flange®, LvL ONE®
and M-Series™ medium truck wheels, as well as a variety of other
aluminum components for these markets. AWTP is composed of three
divisions: Commercial Vehicle Wheels, Forged Specialty Wheels and
Transportation Products. It employs 1,500 people at 13 locations
worldwide. More information can be found at

About McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry

Alcoa Wheel & Transportation Products (AWTP) worked closely with
consulting firm McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) to collect
data throughout the supply chain, assess all materials for impact to
human and environmental health, and evaluate manufacturing processes for
use of renewable energy, water stewardship, and social responsibility.
MBDC is a consulting firm that regenerates economy, environment, and
equity by helping organizations integrate the Cradle to Cradle®
framework into their strategies, operations, and products. The Cradle to
Cradle® design framework is outlined in the book Cradle to Cradle:
Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough and Michael
Braungart. For more information visit
Cradle to Cradle® and C2C® are registered trademarks of McDonough
Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC. Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM
is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products
Innovation Institute.