Alcoa Wins Pennsylvania General Energy Contract to Supply Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe for Marcellus Shale Field Exploration

August 2, 2012

NEW YORK–Alcoa (NYSE: AA) announced today that Alcoa
Oil & Gas
was awarded a contract from Pennsylvania General
Energy (PGE) to produce 3,500 feet of aluminum
alloy drill pipe
for gas drilling in the Marcellus
formation of Central Pennsylvania.

Alcoa’s 4.5” drill pipe will extend the reach of the carrier-mounted
drilling rig used on natural gas wells in the Marcellus Shale formation
to a total depth of approximately 7,500 feet. This is 1,000 feet deeper
than conventional steel drill pipe can penetrate without using larger,
more costly rigs.

Alcoa’s innovative drill pipe is a tapered, high-strength, aluminum
alloy tube coupled with proprietary thermal connection technology that
allows steel tool joints to attach to the aluminum pipe’s body. This
feature optimizes the pipe’s strength-to-weight ratio and gives it the
capability to be used with steel pipe. Alcoa’s pipe design and unique
aluminum construction make it up to 50 percent lighter than steel pipe,
yet it maintains the durability and strength of steel. The Alcoa pipe
significantly increases a rig’s operating efficiency while allowing for
deeper drilling.

“The high strength-to-weight ratio of Alcoa pipe will allow PGE to drill
deeper with less energy-intensive rigs and to maintain a smaller
drilling footprint, which is a win for PGE, our land owners, and the
environment,” said Justin L. Hansen, Drilling Engineer, PGE.

“We are pleased that Pennsylvania General Energy recognizes the value
Alcoa drill pipe can bring to challenging drilling projects like those
in the Marcellus Shale formation,” said Dr. Jamal Righi, General
Manager, Alcoa Oil & Gas. “For deep drilling, it is possible to move
twice the amount of Alcoa pipe than steel pipe, with reduced torque and
drag, making Alcoa pipe the preferred drill pipe for efficient
deep-drilling exploration.”

Pennsylvania General Energy has 30-plus years of oil and natural gas
development experience in the Appalachian Basin and was one of the first
companies to explore the Marcellus formation and successfully drill a
well in 2005.

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