Alcoa and Russia’s VSMPO-AVISMA to Form Joint Venture, Serve Growing Global Aerospace Industry

October 22, 2013

Joint Venture to Manufacture Value-Add Products for Growing Aerospace Industry

Alcoa (NYSE:AA), the leading supplier of aluminum solutions to the
world’s aerospace industry, and Russia’s VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, the
world′s largest manufacturer of titanium ingots and forged products,
have agreed to join forces to meet growing demand for high-end titanium
and aluminum products for aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

Alcoa Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld and VSMPO-AVISMA Chairman Sergei
Chemezov signed a cooperation agreement at a ceremony in Moscow, marking
the first step in forming a new joint venture. Once formed, the joint
venture will combine Alcoa’s expertise in manufacturing value-add
products with VSMPO-AVISMA’s global leadership in titanium production to
manufacture high-end aerospace goods, such as landing gear and forged
wing components, at Alcoa’s plant in Samara.

“The agreement marks an important step in leveraging Alcoa’s and
VSMPO-AVISMA’s strengths in innovation and manufacturing to capture
opportunities in the high-growth aerospace market,” said Alcoa Chairman
and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld. “This alliance will enhance Alcoa’s
competitiveness and position our global aerospace business for continued
profitable growth.”

“We actively collaborate with global industrial leaders to implement
large-scale projects. Our partnership with Alcoa will help increase our
productivity, expand our offerings to customers, and help VSMPO-AVISMA
move forward on our strategy to increase the share of our value-add
products,” said Sergei Chemezov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, PSC
VSMPO-AVISMA and Head of Rostec Corporation.

Mikhail Voevodin, General Director, PSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation,
said, “This agreement will add to our current manufacturing
capabilities, as the company gets access to unique forging equipment.
This step enables us to increase our output and ensure the consistency
of supply, allowing us to meet growing demand for our products from
leading global aircraft manufacturers.”

“This manufacturing partnership will expand on our mutual and
complementary strengths in making the largest and most advanced
aerospace forgings in the world,” said Eric Roegner, Chief Operating
Officer of Alcoa Investment Castings, Forgings and Extrusions.

The joint venture, which is expected to be operational in 2016, will
capture opportunities in the global aerospace market. Based on Alcoa’s
estimates as of October 8, 2013, the aerospace market is expected to
grow by 9-10 percent in 2013.

Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Alcoa’s Aerospace Leadership

Alcoa invests more than $40 million each year to develop new products
and cutting-edge aerospace technologies as part of its approximately $4
billion aerospace business. Since the beginning of aviation, Alcoa’s
teams have worked side-by-side with aircraft manufacturers to advance
air travel. Almost all aluminum aerospace alloys currently in use were
developed by Alcoa, and today’s major new aircraft programs incorporate
Alcoa’s product innovations from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip.
Alcoa engineered the largest aerospace forgings, extrusions, fuselage
panels and wing skins ever produced for the 525-seat Airbus A380
jetliner. The Boeing 787 uses the first application of large
aluminum-lithium plate on a commercial aircraft—developed and supplied
by Alcoa—while more than one million of its fasteners go into every
A380. The company also is the world leader in single-crystal technology
for advanced airfoil castings and coatings that withstand the extreme
temperatures of clean-burning aero engines.

Editor’s Note: Caption for accompanying photo: Alcoa Chairman and
CEO Klaus Kleinfeld (right) and VSMPO Chairman Sergei Chemezov (left),
signed a cooperation agreement at a ceremony in Moscow, marking the
first step in forming a new joint venture company to meet growing demand
for high-end titanium and aluminum products for aircraft manufacturers

About Alcoa

Alcoa is the world’s leading producer of primary and fabricated
aluminum, as well as the world’s largest miner of bauxite and refiner of
alumina. In addition to inventing the modern-day aluminum industry,
Alcoa innovation has been behind major milestones in the aerospace,
automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial
transportation, consumer electronics and industrial markets over the
past 125 years. Among the solutions Alcoa markets are flat-rolled
products, hard alloy extrusions, and forgings, as well as Alcoa® wheels,
fastening systems, precision and investment castings, and building
systems in addition to its expertise in other light metals such as
titanium and nickel-based super alloys. Sustainability is an integral
part of Alcoa’s operating practices and the product design and
engineering it provides to customers. Alcoa has been a member of the Dow
Jones Sustainability Index for 12 consecutive years and approximately 75
percent of all of the aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in
active use today. Alcoa employs approximately 60,000 people in 30
countries across the world.

About Alcoa Russia

Alcoa first entered Russia in 1993. In 2005 the company acquired two
fabricating facilities in Samara and Belaya Kalitva. Since 2005 Alcoa
has invested nearly $800 million to upgrade its Russian facilities.

About VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation

PSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation is the largest worldwide titanium producer,
providing the full production cycle: from stock processing to production
of finished parts of added value. Number of employees is approximately
20,000. The control stock of shares (50%+1) of VSMPO-AVISMA belongs to
the management, the blocking shareholding (25%+1) belongs to Rostec

About State Corporation Russian Technologies (Rostec)

Rostec is a Russian corporation established in 2007 to promote
development, production and export of high-tech industrial products for
civil and military purposes. It includes 663 organizations, which
currently form 8 holding companies in the defense-industrial sector and
5 holding companies in civilian industries. The organizations of Rostec
are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and
deliver products to the markets of more than 70 countries. In 2012, the
revenues of Rostec amounted to $31 billion, with net profit amounting to
$1.2 billion. Tax payments to budgets of all levels exceeded $3.6
billion. Its net income in 2011 amounted to $1.5 billion dollars, while
tax payments to the budgets of all levels reached $3.3 billion.

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