Alcoa to Roll out Lightest Heavy-Duty Truck Wheel in Europe, Offering Increased Fuel Efficiency, Payload

September 24, 2014

Now Selecting Fleet Partners for European Ultra ONE™ Wheel Launch

Alcoa (NYSE: AA), the inventor and global leader of forged aluminum
wheels, said that it will roll out its lightest heavy-duty truck wheel
in Europe to help fleets increase payload and fuel efficiency.

Announced at the 65th
International Motor Show (IAA) Commercial Vehicles
tradeshow in
Hannover, Germany, Alcoa is now selecting fleet partners for the
European launch of its lightest forged aluminum wheel ever, the Ultra
ONE™ with MagnaForce™ alloy. The wheel will be available in Europe
during the second half of 2015. Fleets worldwide are turning to lighter
weight aluminum wheels versus steel wheels to help increase payload,
improve fuel efficiency and meet emissions regulations.

“Alcoa’s Ultra ONE wheel offers heavy-duty performance without the heavy
weight of steel wheels, and it looks great, too,” said Tim Myers,
President, Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products. “Alcoa is bringing
our best wheel technology to the growing European market to help fleets
shed kilograms, haul more and save on costs.”

Alcoa has seen significant adoption of the Ultra ONE wheel in other
major markets, including the United States, where some of the largest
fleets have upgraded to the Ultra ONE since the March 2014 launch. The
wheel has been approved by all major US truck and trailer manufacturers,
and is in most manufacturer data books making it available for order by

“Weight-sensitive fleets such as petroleum and bulk haulers have been
especially quick to embrace the Ultra ONE technology in other markets,
and we expect the same in Europe,” said Myers.

Alcoa’s wheels are made from one piece of forged aluminum, making them
lighter and five times stronger than steel wheels, increasing payload
and fuel efficiency. In addition, Alcoa’s Ultra ONE wheels in Europe
will come with Alcoa’s Dura-Bright® EVO surface treatment,
which allows brilliant shine to last even after years of use, without
the need for polishing. Regular cleaning with commonly used truck
cleaning products or with just soap and water will keep the wheels
shiny, even after hundreds of washes and thousands of kilometers,
reducing maintenance costs.

The Ultra ONE Wheel is made with the strongest wheel alloy on the
market, Alcoa’s MagnaForce™
alloy. The MagnaForce alloy was invented by Alcoa’s experts at the Alcoa
Technical Center– the world’s largest light metals research center –
located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The alloy is on average 17
percent stronger than the industry standard, Alcoa’s 6061 alloy, in
similar applications.

Alcoa will manufacture the European Ultra ONE wheel at an Alcoa facility
in Europe.

Editor’s Note: Caption for accompanying photo: Alcoa, the
inventor and global leader of forged aluminum wheels (shown here),
announced that it will roll out its lightest heavy-duty truck wheel in
Europe to help fleets increase payload and fuel efficiency.

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