Arconic’s Board of Directors Urges Shareholders to Choose Strong Arconic Governance over Questionable Elliott Tactics

May 4, 2017

Arconic Board Issues New Letter to Shareholders

Vote “FOR” the Company’s Nominees on the WHITE Proxy Card

Arconic (NYSE: ARNC) today issued a letter to shareholders explaining
why they should choose the Company’s strong governance and outstanding
director slate dedicated to serving shareholder interests over Elliott’s
questionable tactics.

In a separate release also issued today, the Company announced its
nomination of former Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and Chief
Executive Officer James “Jim” F. Albaugh and Air Force retired General
Janet Wolfenbarger for election to Arconic’s Board of Directors at the
Company’s 2017 Annual Meeting. Mr. Albaugh and General Wolfenbarger will
stand for election with current directors David Hess, Amy Alving and
Ulrich Schmidt.

Additional information, including the letter to shareholders, investor
presentation and supplemental proxy materials are available at
The Company urges shareholders to vote “FOR” the Company’s new slate of
five director nominees and governance proposals on the WHITE proxy card.

The full text of the letter follows:

Dear Fellow Shareholders:

We are writing to ask you to vote for the slate of directors nominated
by the Arconic Board of Directors at the upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting of

Our director candidates are all accomplished professionals who will help
guide Arconic as it recruits a permanent Chief Executive Officer and
builds upon its strong first quarter 2017 financial results. Three of
our nominees are current Board members (none having served for more than
16 months), and two are entirely new nominees who have not yet served on
Arconic’s Board.

One commitment, though, binds them together: an unwavering dedication to
shareholder interests.

We recently made several attempts to settle the disruptive proxy contest
started by Elliott Management (“Elliott”). Despite our best efforts, we
were unsuccessful. Elliott agreed to end the fight on terms both sides
indicated were acceptable. Then Elliott reneged. We resumed discussions
and then Elliott agreed again, though on different terms. Elliott then
reneged. Again.

We tried, nevertheless, to end the battle by offering two Board seats to
the candidates Elliott has nominated. Notably, and reflecting Elliott’s
pervasive influence over its nominees, none of Elliott’s director
candidates accepted our offer.

An outstanding director slate, dedicated to serving your interests

We have now recruited two exceptional new director nominees for the
Board who are purely independent. They join our slate alongside three
current Board members – our Interim CEO, the head of our Audit Committee
and the head of our Cybersecurity Subcommittee. Together, these five
nominees bring decades of experience in aerospace and defense. We hope
you will join us in voting for them.

Our new nominees are:

  • James “Jim” F. Albaugh, an internationally recognized aerospace
    executive who was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing
    Commercial Airplanes until his retirement in 2012. Prior to that role,
    Mr. Albaugh was President and CEO of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
    and President of Rocketdyne Propulsion and Power. Mr. Albaugh is the
    Chairman of the National Aeronautic Association, past Chairman of the
    Aerospace Industries Association and serves on the Boards of American
    Airlines and Harris Corporation. He holds a Master’s degree in Civil
    Engineering from Columbia University and is an elected member of the
    National Academy of Engineering. The aerospace segment represents
    close to half of Arconic’s overall revenue today and has significant
    prospects for the future. Mr. Albaugh brings a deep understanding of
    the aerospace segment’s needs.
  • Janet C. Wolfenbarger, a retired four-star general who was
    responsible for procurement, science and technology, test and
    evaluation, logistics and supply chain for the U.S. Air Force; she
    oversaw an approximately $60 billion annual budget, including a large
    portion of the approximately $1 billion of business that Arconic does
    in the defense industry. In her last military role, General
    Wolfenbarger oversaw an organization of 80,000 people and led
    significant restructuring of the Air Force Materiel Command to improve
    efficiency. General Wolfenbarger was the first female four-star
    general in Air Force history. Among her many accomplishments, General
    Wolfenbarger holds a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics
    from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Both of these new nominees know Arconic from having served as respected
leaders at important Arconic customers. They bring operating experience
and commercial insights that we believe will help optimize the Company
and its strategy for many years. We are confident that these two
nominees, like our other nominees, are independent and objective and
seeking only to serve Arconic using their best judgment and insights
from decades of relevant experience.

The reality is that regardless of who wins this proxy fight, there
will be change in the Board, and there will be new perspectives.

slate of nominees has five new directors: two who have never
served on our Board, two who have served for fewer than seven months and
one who was originally nominated by Elliott and who joined the Board
just last year. So, your choice at this meeting is not really about
“change” or “no change.”

The most important decision this Board will make in the coming months is
the selection of a new CEO. Arconic’s recommended Board is without
question best placed to select the next CEO, given its deep industry
expertise and view of the marketplace.

Your choice is about some important principles
and some critical people.

Strong governance over questionable tactics

Elliott has had three primary goals during its campaign:

  1. Remove the sitting CEO and steer the selection of his replacement;
  2. Shape a majority of the Arconic Board; and
  3. Dictate the direction of key Board decisions and processes.

Since Arconic’s CEO stepped down, Elliott has shifted its attacks to the
Board level with increasingly personal attacks on directors and
hyperbolic assertions that the Board is weak on governance. Elliott’s
latest attack theme – “subversion of shareholder democracy” – is
ironically being deployed in an effort to enable one 13.2% shareholder
to shape a majority of the Board. If successful, Elliott will have
nominated seven of Arconic’s 13 directors.

A weak-governance Board would have ended this fight to spare itself
Elliott’s unfair attacks. We could have agreed, via settlement, to
Elliott’s over-reaching demands, including its insistence on appointing
a majority of both an Operating Committee and the CEO Search Committee.
But Arconic’s Board has refused to allow one shareholder these
unilateral rights; instead we are focused on full shareholder
representation and participation.

For our part, we believe public companies should be run for all
shareholders and should be governed ethically.

We also believe that:

  • In the public markets, no single minority investor should have the
    right to shape a majority of the Board, select a CEO, or unilaterally
    define how a Board organizes itself and operates;
  • Hedge funds should not have free reign to level false or
    unsubstantiated accusations with the aim of embarrassing, ruining or
    damaging people.

We believe that a vote on Elliott’s proxy card is a vote of
encouragement for activists who demand undue influence as Elliott has
clearly demanded at Arconic, and for activists to use tactics of
personal destruction as their means.

The right kind of change to keep Arconic on a strong path

Your choice at the 2017 Annual Meeting is between two sets of
directors – both essentially new to Arconic
. Shareholders should ask
themselves – which set is most qualified to be stewards of their
investment and this Company? We believe that our nominees – including
Mr. Albaugh and retired General Wolfenbarger – bring substantially more
relevant expertise to the Board than those nominated by Elliott. We
welcome your thoughtful evaluation of the two director slates.

Our nominees also include:

  • David Hess. Mr. Hess has more than 38 years of operational and
    leadership experience in aerospace and deep knowledge of jet engine
    technology and manufacturing. As our interim CEO, Mr. Hess has been a
    stabilizing force at Arconic during a time of leadership transition.
    We do not believe that shareholders should reject his candidacy at
    this critical time.
  • Amy Alving. Dr. Alving is a leading expert on aerospace
    innovation and engineering, as well as cybersecurity, and is the Chair
    of Arconic’s Cybersecurity Advisory Subcommittee. Although she has
    been on the Board just six months, her contributions in these areas
    have been very substantial. As part of enterprise risk management,
    Arconic is highly focused on improving its cyber-security fluency; Dr.
    Alving’s deep expertise directly addresses this core need.
  • Ulrich Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt has over 22 years of aerospace and
    financial experience. He was one of the three directors nominated by
    Elliott to join the Board last February and serves as Chair of the
    Audit Committee, in addition to serving on the Governance and
    Nominating Committee and Finance Committee.

Our Board believes in responsible, thoughtful change targeted to create
sustainable shareholder value. We have been willing to shed businesses,
acquire others, split the company to create two independent firms and
make a swift and decisive change in leadership. We have augmented our
Board, modified our strategies and redesigned our compensation plans.

So, this election is not about whether Arconic should stand still or
change. We will continue to evolve and change. In fact, Arconic’s
proposed Board includes nine directors who
will have joined in just the last 16 months, making it one
of the shortest tenured Boards in the S&P 500

A strong first quarter as an independent Company, on track to create
shareholder value

We are proud that Arconic is positioned well for the future. Last week,
we announced strong earnings for the first quarter of 2017 – our first
full quarter as a standalone company. Revenue was up 4.5% year over
year, and strong performance and continued cost savings allowed Arconic
to deliver net income that exceeded expectations. Our earnings
announcement is a strong first data point that we are on the right path
after the highly complex separation transaction that the Company
executed this past November. Significant shareholder value has been
created in just the first few months since the separation was completed.

Arconic has a clear strategy to harness innovation, control costs and
deepen our close customer relationships to generate value for
. Our customers agree: Airbus, Boeing, United
Technologies and GE Aviation have all expressed support for the strategy
Arconic’s Board has endorsed.

To keep the business healthy and build sustainable shareholder value, we
need to ensure we continue to execute the right strategy, appoint a
permanent CEO who will focus on value creation, and not compromise on
sound governance. To do these things, we need your support and your vote.

Please vote for the principles and people that will create the best
Arconic for shareholders. Vote on the White card for the Board’s
recommended nominees.


The Board of Directors of Arconic Inc.



The Arconic Annual Meeting of Shareholders will take place on May
25, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. in Purchase, New York. Please see the
attached enclosure for additional details.


We request that, even if you previously voted on the WHITE
proxy card, you vote

“FOR” each of Arconic’s five nominees, including its two new

by voting AGAIN on the enclosed WHITE proxy card.


Even if you previously voted the “Blue” proxy card, you have the
right to change your vote by using
the enclosed

proxy card TODAY.

If you have questions, need assistance voting your shares, or wish
to change a prior vote, please contact the firm assisting us in
the solicitation of proxies:

Innisfree M&A Incorporated, TOLL-FREE at (877) 750-5836

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