Visu-Lok® Blind Bolt

The Visu-Lok® system is a blind fastener that provides high shear, tensile, fatigue and self-locking capabilities. The Visu-Lok® blind bolt can be completely installed and verified from one side of the structure. This easy-to-use design results in lower costs than that of traditional nut and bolt combinations. Once installed, the Visu-Lok® blind fastener forms a solid blind side head, providing high joint clamp-up throughout the grip range. The Visu-Lok® blind bolt is typically used in fixed and rotary-wing, commercial and military aircraft applications.

Design features

The Visu-Lok® blind bolt family includes the Visu-Lok® II blind bolt, which utilizes a disposable drive nut. As a result, the Visu-Lok® II model only needs two installation nosepieces to install all the fastener sizes. A tapered version of the Visu-Lok® blind bolt is available. It combines one-sided installation with the advantages of tapered, interference fit.

Visu-Lok® fasteners are available in a wide range of materials, including aluminum, alloy steel, H-11, corrosion resistant steels, Inconel® alloy and titanium. Visu-Lok® blind bolts are produced in flush and protruding head styles for shear and tension applications. Various finishes are available as well.

The Visu-Lok® system uses common installation tools at standard air pressure levels. The blind fasteners are manufactured in 1/16 in. increments and have an operational grip range of 0.062 in. Other variations of the Visu-Lok® blind bolts are oversize and close-tolerance (interference fit) configurations. Both unified and metric products are available. Visu-Lok® blind bolts are covered by NAS standards.

Cost-effective features

This product works well in extreme or very severe fatigue conditions. It can retain the highest obtainable physical values, uniform high preload and positive self-locking.

Self-locking feature:
The blind bolt utilizes positive self-locking characteristics and a threaded design to distribute the overall load more evenly. Consequently, this leads to reduced assembly time and significant component and labor cost savings.

High-speed installation:
Installation of the Visu-Lok® blind bolt is quick and easy because you only need to verify one side of the structure. Additionally, the tapered model offers the highest possible fatigue life and uniform high preload values because of its one-sided installation and tapered, interference fit.

Visu-Lok and Visu-Lok II are trademarks of Monogram Aerospace Fasteners, Inc.
Inconel is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corporation.