HUCKCOMP® Stump-Type Lockbolts

Product part numbers

NAS2045 through NAS2052
NAS2055 through NAS2062
NAS2065 through NAS2072

The HUCKCOMP® stump fastener is offered in LGPS8SC 100° MS24694 heads, LGPS7SC 100° MS20426 heads, LGPS9SC 130° low-profile large bearing heads, LGPS9SP low-profile large bearing protruding heads, and LGPS12SP intermediate large bearing protruding heads. All HUCKCOMP® stump fasteners are 6Al-4V Titanium at 95 KSI shear strength.

Additional design features

Low collar-side clearance:
The installed height profile of the HUCKCOMP® stump-type fastener is significantly lower than that of threaded fasteners. Its low collar-side profile enables it to fit in tight space areas.

Automated installations:
Howmet Fastening Systems offers a variety of collar-feed systems for use on drill riveter machines to enhance automated applications. Equipment for use on flat stock or deep pocket applications, as well as normal offset tooling for clearance applications, is available.

Additionally, we provide a complete systems service representative to assist in set up and operation of HUCKCOMP® stump-type lockbolt automated systems.