Titanium NAS Tension Type Lockbolts

Titanium NAS lockbolts are designed for use in high-strength lightweight applications. The lockbolt is readily adaptable to high-volume production methods. 

During installation, the collar is swaged into the lock grooves of the pin and forms a high-strength, vibration-resistant joint. The simple installation procedure reduces production time to a minimum, resulting in lower production costs. 

The stump-type lockbolt fasteners are specifically designed for use with automated equipment. Automated systems install fasteners at a rate up to 10 times faster than hand-installed threaded fasteners.

NAS Part
Number Lockbolts
HFS Part Number LockboltsDescription
NAS2005 – 2012N/ATension-type protruding head, pull-type lockbolts in 5/32 thru 3/8 diameters
NAS2105 – 2112N/A100° MS24694 tension-flush head, pull-type lockbolts in 5/32 thru 3/8 diameters
NAS2115 -2122N/A100° MS20426 tension-flush head, pull-type lockbolts in 5/32 thru 3/8 diameters
NAS2125 – 2132N/A100° NAS1097 flush crown head, pull-type lockbolts in 5/32 thru 3/8 diameters
NAS2205 -2212N/ATension-type protruding head, stump-type lockbolts in 5/32 thru 3/8 diameters
NAS2306 – 2312N/A100° MS24694 tension-flush head, stump-type lockbolts in 3/16 thru 3/8 diameters
NAS Part
Number Collars
HFS Part Number CollarsDescription
NAS1080-LC-C2024-T4 aluminum beaded collar for 5/32, 3/16 & 1/4 pull-type and all diameters of stump-type
NAS1080P7LC-C2024-T4 aluminum beaded collar for 5/16 & 3/8 pull-type
NAS1080UG2DC-EUA286 CRES double-ended collar for 5/32 diameter only
NAS1080UK6DC-EUA286 CRES double-ended collar for 3/16 thru 3/8 diameters

Mechanical performance data for titanium tension-type NAS lockbolts

Ultimate Tensile with NAS1080, UG & UK Collars
Ultimate Tensile with NAS1080P Collar
Double Shear Strength Based on 95 KSI

NAS621 for lockbolt procurement and quality conformance requirements
NAS1080 for lockbolt collars