FC43® Panel Fastener

Howmet Fastening Systems presents our new FC43® panel fastener with a novel retaining feature that enables the use of a full shank bolt. The retaining feature can be used with a variety of thread configurations and is independent of nut style or head configuration, providing an unprecedented modularity for this type of fastening system. With a bolt design that is free of slots or axial recesses, the FC43® fastener provides higher mechanical performance for a given diameter than existing equivalent panel fasteners.

Design features

  • Stud: The stud is the component of the panel fastener system that is retained to the panel.
  • Retainer: This component of the system retains or captivates the stud to the panel. It is usually composed of a retaining ring that can be floating or held by a grommet or enclosure. Traditional retainers sit in grooves or slots on the stud body, providing axial freedom while preventing the stud from completely detaching from the panel.
  • Nutplate: This component can be conventionally riveted or bonded and is available with a metallic or composite cage. For high reusability requirements, a Flat Beam locknut is recommended 

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  • Self-retaining
  • Hold-out capability in all positions
  • Increased tensile and shear values
  • Reduced inventory due to fewer components
  • Simplified installation, which reduces total installation cost
  • Weight saving potential due to greater strength-to-size ratio


One of the greatest advantages that the FC43® fastener retainer offers over existing panel fasteners is the ease of installation. Most panel fasteners require that the retainer be installed after the stud is inserted into its panel. This sometimes can be a cumbersome task, especially if it requires operator dexterity and special tools. With the FC43® fastening system, the stud is captivated with a simple insertion. As the stud slides through the retainer, it displaces the spring radially. Once the stud retaining groove passes by the retainer tabs, the stud is automatically captivated.

Installation demonstration highlights the FC43® fastening system stud being captivated by the retainer.