HI-TIGUE Fastening System

The HI-TIGUE fastening system is a combination of proven performance features. This fastener has all the features of a Hi-Lok fastener and provides a unique HI-TIGUE fastener bead design. The HI-TIGUE™ is primarily used wherever structural assembly operations demand controlled preload, automatic torque control and self-locking capabilities.

Design features

The HI-TIGUE pin is installed into a straight hole with standard drills using conventional techniques. During installation, a small amount of plastic deformation of the hole surface takes place as the HI-TIGUE pin is driven into the hole. As a result, this “controlled interference” produces a cold-worked hole that is correctly sized.

 HI-TIGUE pins are installed by pressing them into the interference-fit hole by standard methods. A straight push action accomplishes this either with fully automatic installation equipment or with hand rivet guns and bucking bars.

 These HI-TIGUE fasteners are available in a variety of configurations and materials for tension and shear applications.

Cost-effective features

Increase in fatigue life:
The HI-TIGUE fastener design features a subtle bead on the end of the shank. This dramatically increases the total fatigue life and overall performance of the fastened structure through controlled interference fit.

Automatic torque-off:
The automatic torque-off of the hex wrench portion produces controlled preload over the entire grip range. This controlled torque-off assures proper installation torque and the elimination of the need for torque inspection.

Quick installation:
Offset type, extended offset, back drive, angle and ratchet tools permit the installation of HI-TIGUE fasteners in areas that were previously inaccessible for other fastening systems. Furthermore, as many as 40 collars per minute may be installed using high-speed tooling.  

Hi-Lok and HI-TIGUE are trademarks of Hi-Shear Corporation.