Wheels of Change

We make the lightest, strongest heavy-duty truck wheels on the road

Reinventing the wheel 

In 1948, we had an idea that radically changed the way trucks roll – switch out heavy steel wheels for lightweight forged aluminum ones, allowing our customers around the world to increase payload, reduce maintenance and save fuel.

Today, we’re number one in aluminum wheels, and truckers ask for “Alcoa” (a reference to our history) wheels by name. Our Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy are the lightest wheels on the market. And more vehicles drive on our forged aluminum wheels than any other brand.

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Going lightweight for the long haul

Consider your average truck. Switching out conventional steel wheels and tires for Alcoa wheels saves a lot of weight – more than 1,400 pounds, depending on the application. That means you can carry more for longer, potentially using a lot less fuel.

But lightweighting is just part of the story. Alcoa wheels stand up to the toughest conditions – and maintain their good looks despite it all. Our wheels feature precision, single-piece construction forged from just one piece of metal – never welded. This means they’re stronger and perform better than their steel counterparts. And our proprietary finish on our Dura-Bright® wheels makes high maintenance wheels a thing of the past. No more cracks, chips or rust. A quick soap and water rinse is all it takes to bring the shine back to our Dura-Bright® wheels.

Alcoa wheels give our customers the ability to carry more payload and spend less on maintenance – factors that contribute to the bottom line. For truckers, Alcoa wheels are the best-looking wheels on the market, and ones they’re proud to drive all across the world. For us, it means we still lead the industry we created nearly seven decades ago.

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