Specialty Products

Howmet Fastening Systems has more than 80 years of engineering, manufacturing and R&D experience to continually create variations of existing styles of fasteners and related components, as well as to address emerging needs for custom or special parts.

Howmet Fastening Systems can provide concurrent design services, computer-generated 3D solid models and finite element analysis to help develop the exact solution to specific customer requirements. A wide range of materials are utilized, including aluminum, alloy steels, corrosion resistant steels, titanium, Inconel®, Waspaloy and super alloys. Products can be made in either unified or metric sizes.

Asp® fastener

The Asp® fastener provides a simplified method of fastening composite, honeycomb, metallic or other materials that are sensitive to fastener clamp-up or installation force conditions. Clamping force can be infinitely adjustable within maximum recommended torque limits, and no further load is applied during installation. The Asp® fastener has a positive mechanical lock for use in vibration and FOD-critical installations. It installs quickly and easily, thus eliminating the need for potting, bushings, inserts or stepped hole preparation.

Expandable Diameter Fasteners (EDF)

The Expandable Diameter Fasteners use tapered sleeves or bushings that, when activated, expand to create a tight fit in a hole. The sleeves can be activated by various means, including the use of a nut or bolt for torque, or other mechanisms such as a wrap-around cam handle. These fasteners provide a rigid structural joint. The radial tightness minimizes vibration and cyclic fatigue loads and helps resist shock loads. EDFs are available in a variety of materials and finishes for extreme corrosive or high temperature environments. 

E-M stud

The E-M stud is an electrical grounding stud that was developed in response to customer requests for an improved method of installing grounding terminals. The result is a timesaving fastener that is easily installed in a loose tolerance drilled hole from one side of the work.

Inconel is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corporation.
Waspaloy is a common law trademark of United Technologies Corporation.

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