Aero-Lite® Pin

Lightweight Threaded Pin

The Aero-Lite® pin design features a tapered lead thread that closely matches the mating collar, allowing 1/3 through 1/2 pitch-under-grip performance due to enhanced full-form thread runout.

The Aero-Lite® pin fastener is a lightweight titanium alloy fastener at 95 KSI shear strength. The pin is also available in other materials on request.

The Aero-Lite® pin is a threaded pin with a close-tolerance design intended for applications where aerodynamic and precision fastening is required. The Aero-Lite® pin is superior to comparable lightweight hex-drive systems in its ability to perform throughout the grip range.

The Aero-Lite® pin can be used with lightweight collars or nuts.

HFS introduced the AL331, which is a close-tolerance flush head version of the AL11 fastener that was developed for use on wing applications to improve cosmetics and aerodynamics.

Aero-Lite® Pin Performance and Advantages

  • Improved under-minimum grip performance with mating collars and nuts.
  • Thread runout and incomplete threads completely within 1X thread pitch.
  • Full form thread adjacent to thread runout and pin shoulder.
  • Maximum shank in bearing (reduced shank underfill length) in maximum grip.
  • Maximum cross-sectional area at point of highest stress (thread runout area).

AL331 and LGP lockbolts have the same dome heads that are interchangeable in size and appearance. This allows manufacturing to intermix fastening systems and maintain general surface appearance.
The close-tolerance head geometry allows for a smaller edge with a slightly larger diameter, which results in a minimum eyebrow when installed.

Aero-Lite® Pin Drawings and Documents

Document DescriptionMaterialHeadstyleRatingPart FamilyDwg No.NotesLink
Sales DrawingsTitaniumProtrudingShearAL10/108AL101 PDF
AL10/108 WDAL107Lap free headPDF
TensionAL12AL104 PDF
AL622AL117 PDF
AL756AL112 PDF
100° FlushShearAL11/109AL102 PDF
AL331AL103Close tolerance headPDF
IntermediateAL755AL109 PDF
TensionAL13AL105 PDF
130° FlushShearAL315AL106 PDF
AL315 WDAL108Lap free headPDF
Alloy SteelProtrudingTensionAL720AL110 PDF
100° FlushIntermediateAL803AL111 PDF
Brochure PDF
How-to-Order PDF