Quick Release Fasteners

The range of quick release fasteners from Arconic Fastening Systems combines more than 75 years of experience, traditional engineering skills and innovation. This combination provides customers with effective, reliable and creative solutions for applications in electronics, industrial, transportation, aerospace and defense markets. Our Camloc® product line offers quarter-turn, push-turn and push-push fasteners for applications where easy and quick access is required on a regular basis, such as with electrical cabinets and machine guarding. 

2600/2700 Series

  • General purpose fastener with widest selection of hand- and tool-operated studs. 
  • Large choice of receptacles.
  • 2600 Series feature plus flush head styles and solid retaining rings.
  • 2700 Series feature flush head styles and split retaining rings.  

2600/2700 Series catalog

5F Series

  • Low cost, high speed installation.
  • Tool-operated snap-in studs.
  • Plastic washer stud assembly to protect decorative surfaces.
  • Spring-loaded receptacle.   

5F Series catalog

50F Series

  • Mid-size fastener with snap-in stud and clip-on or snap-in receptacle.
  • Stud assembly incorporates a plastic washer to protect decorative surfaces.
  • A wide variety of headstyles, including tool- and hand-operated studs.
  • Available for general purpose (50F 900N) or extra heavy-duty (50F 3700N) applications.

50F (900N) Series catalog
50F(3700N) Series catalog

D4002 Series

  • Heavy-duty fasteners with a wide choice of receptacles and studs.
  • Fixed and floating receptacle options are available.
  • The D4002 Series fasteners use a variety of grommets designed to reinforce the panel for added strength.

D4002 Series catalog

99F Series

  • Externally threaded receptacles for use in castings or on panels with a retaining nut.
  • Encapsulated design is splash resistant.
  • Fastener has increased grip range of 1.5mm.

99F Series catalog

991F Series

  • Fastener has high tensile strength (10,000 N maximum and working load of 7,000 N) and preload.
  • Available with sealed stud assemblies and with clip-on, riveted, screwed or weld-mounted receptacles.

991F Series catalog

715F/716F Series

  • Easy and economic clip-on installation for stud and receptacle.
  • Suitable for automatic installation.
  • 1/4-turn to open and close by a push of the finger.
  • Due to their small size, they are particularly suited for use in electrical engineering and electronics.
  • 715F Series has tensile capability of 700 N maximum, 600 N working load. 716F Series has tensile capability of 1,400 N maximum, 1,200 N working load.

715F Series catalog
716F Series catalog

PT-10 Series

  • 1/4-turn to open and close with a push of a finger.
  • Fast and easy installation of stud, washer and snap-in spring receptacle.
  • Fastener has increased grip range of 3.0mm.

PT-10 Series catalog

15F Series

  • Push-to-open, push-to-close.
  • Fastener can be installed to provide either push button or push panel operation.
  • Easy installation of externally threaded nut-retained receptacle.  

15F Series catalog

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